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Bible Studies - Ten Verses

Ten Bible verses that every Christian should memorize. Part of a new series in development entitled "TEN", we will examine lists of ten signs, proofs, reasons, etc. This first in the series is entitled "Ten bible verses that every Christian should memorize". As I developed this lesson, it became obviously apparent that 10 was not enough, so I got creative and assembled several lists of 10 bible verses (New Testament, Old Testament, Salvation), and then 10 passages of Scripture that all Christians should memorize or be familiar with. As you can imagine, it was difficult to limit the lists (it's God's holy Word, it's all important!!) and there are numerous reference sites to which I turned, and I am careful to give them all credit at the end of the lesson. In the end, I made the final decisions as I felt led and not as authoritative or definitive. This lesson was such a blessing to develop prayerfully and thoughtfully...and it was all focused on and in God's Word! Feel free to use this as a personal Bible memorization goal or as a devotional study. May God richly bless your time in His Word!

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Ten bible verses that every Christian should memorize