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Bible Studies - Prophecy & End Times Study

Biblical Prophecy & End Times Study

"What is, and was, and is to come"
The stage is set for Christ's return. There is every reason to believe that we are the generation living in the last days. From the unrest in the Middle East to the formation of the European economic structure, from the Internet and global communications to tsunamis and earthquakes - God's prophetic plan is being revealed and accomplished before our very eyes. Even Hollywood has weighed in with movies like Knowing and 2012. It seems everyone has a sense that something is about to happen, but is not sure what.
If you have ever wondered what the Bible says about the end times, prophecy, the last days, Christ's glorious return and eternity, then this series is for you. In this study we explore the significance of past world kingdoms, the mystery of the present Church age, the role of the Antichrist, the climactic seven-year period yet to come, the New Jerusalem and much, much more.

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Lesson 1 - Why Study Prophecy?
Lesson 2 - Are We In The "Last Days"?
Lesson 3 - The Return Of Christ
Lesson 4A - The Mystery
Lesson 4B - The Missing Week
Daniel's 70 Weeks of Years (Daniel 9:24-27)
Lesson 6 - The Antichrist and World Kingdoms
The Kingdoms of Daniel 2 and 7
The Lion, Bear and Leopard - Daniel 7:1-8
The Kingdom Origins of the Antichrist (Revelation 17:8-14)
Lesson 7 The 70th Week Begins (Scroll, Seals..Riders, Restrainer and Rapture)
Lesson 7 B The Rapture
Comparison of Matthew 24 with Revelation 6 & 7
Lesson 8 - The 70th Week Continued (Two Witnesses and the Wrath of God)
Lesson 12 - The Return of Christ
The Final Judgments
Lesson 13 - Eternity - New and Improved
Final Prophetic Timeline
Prophetic Parables

(More may be added as we continue our study)