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Bible Studies - Christianity and World Religions

Christianity and World Religions Study

Welcome to the series on Christianity and World Religions. In this study we will examine the core orthodox Christian beliefs - those are that are fundamental and non-negotiable - and compare them to the beliefs and doctrines of other religions and cults. We will look at six major components for comparison - God, Jesus, man/sin, salvation, heaven/hell and the Bible. In addition we will include a short history and overview of each religion. It is our hope that this will strengthen your own faith and, as I Peter 3:15 says, prepare you "to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have" (NIV)

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Orthodox Christianity
Judaism - Jan 2014
Catholicism - Feb 2014
Jehovah Witness - Feb 2015
Islam - Jan 2014
Seventh Day Adventists - March 2014
Mormonism - March 2014
Church of Oprah