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Bible Studies - Advent

Advent Series

Each year in December we celebrate the season traditionally referred to as Advent (which comes from the Latin word adventus meaning "coming") and is a time observed in many Western culture Christian churches of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth (first advent) of Jesus at Christmas and the anticipation of Christ's Second Advent when He returns to earth to rule and reign.
Let's take a closer look at this Advent season and the unique aspects of Christ's first and second advent.
Also, below are some links to a couple of poems regarding the two advents of Christ.

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The Significance of Advent
What's in a Name and Reactions to Jesus' Birth
The Two Advents of Christ - a comparison

'Twas The Night Before Jesus Came'
The Gate to Prophecy: The Two Advents of Jesus Christ
(The poem is at the end of a short article)