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Bible Studies - Prayer


In Matthew 6:5, during His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, "And when you pray..." Even though this passage was an admonition against public, presumptuous, praise-seeking prayer, clearly He was indicating that prayer was not optional (as in "if you pray"). The assumption, even command, was that believers would pray. If prayer is commanded by God, expected by God, appreciated by God, loved by God, heard by God and answered by God -- why in the world would a professing believer NOT pray to the very One who created and saved him/her?

Prayer is essential to the spiritual well-being of the believer's life, like breathing is to the physical body. At its most basic form, it is a conversation with God - at its most incredible potential, it is a supernatural, intimate communication and relationship with the Almighty God, through His son Jesus Christ, powered by the Holy Spirit that can literally unleash miraculous power and produce amazing results. This series endeavors to take a simple, biblical viewpoint of prayer and hopefully encourage believers in their walk with the Lord.

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Introduction to Prayer
Lesson 1 - Jesus and Prayer
Lesson 2 - The Lord's Prayer
Lesson 3 - Practical Prayer
Lesson 4 - Answers to Prayer
Lesson 5 - Intercessory Prayer
Prayer - Conclusion