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Bible Studies - God's Appointed Times

God's Appointed Times Study

The feasts, festivals and biblical holy days teach us about the nature of God, His plan for mankind and its ultimate fulfillment by and through Christ. These feasts and days are clearly outlined in the Old Testament. However, many passages in the New Testament are [mistakenly] interpreted as indicating that they are no longer relevant because Jesus, in His earthly life and ministry, fulfilled, superseded or replaced their symbolism or original purpose. Unfortunately, throughout Church history, there has been a chasm of misunderstanding between Christianity/the Church (the body of Christ) and Judaism/the Jewish people (God's chosen people). The fourth century Church made sweeping decisions to further widen this chasm and drift farther away from the observation of the ceremonies and celebrations of the, by then, despised "Jewish religion". However, in doing so, the Church lost sight of the intent, significance and foundation of these special days. It is the purpose of this study to bring to light the purpose for God's appointed times and gain a better understanding of their application in our lives today.

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Chart of the Feasts and Festivals
Spring Feasts and Festivals:
Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread
Some Passover Recipes
Feast of First Fruits
Feast of Weeks
Fall Feasts and Festivals:
Festival of Trumpets
Day of Atonement - Yom Kippur
Feast of Tabernacles