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Bible Studies - Christian Apologetics

Christian Apologetics Study

The Christian faith is under siege in our culture, probably more so than any other time in recent history. Because of that we have two choices 1) be quiet, ignorant, embarrassed or timid or 2) be vocal, knowledgeable, confident and bold. This series of lessons is designed for the second option.

The term apologetics can be confusing and intimidating. It does not mean to apologize or feel regret. Both words come from the same Greek root word, but the core definition of apologetics is not apologetic by any means. Apologetics is derived from the Greek word apologia meaning "defense" or "answer", or in a broader sense - a systematic defense of a belief system. Apologetics is giving a reason for the hope of Christianity and a defense of the gospel. We must be ready to give an apologia (answer, defense) to anyone who asks us for a reason for the hope that is in us - i.e. why we believe what we believe (I Peter 3:13-17).

There are at least two practical reasons for doing or practicing apologetics - to convince unbelievers and to instruct and build up believers. But nothing - no argument, no defense, no convincing diatribe - is more effective than the demonstration of the love of Christ and the personal testimony of the believer.

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Faith, Reason, Logic and Truth
Science, God and the Cosmos
Laws, Nature and Intelligent Design
Creation and Evolution
The Nature of God
The Philosopy of Law
God (good) and Evil
God (good) and Evil, Pain and Suffering
Moral and Ethical Decisions and Conclusion